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Dr. Chris DC uses state of the art, scientifically proven Insight scanning technologies and a holistic, gentle, and safe approach to help his practice members. His focus is finding the “cause,” or primary condition, that eventually creates the health challenges you or your child might be experiencing. By measuring the function of your nervous system, taking an in-depth history, and other hands-on exams, you can be sure Dr. Chris DC will find out if there is spinal dysfunction in you (dad, mom, grandmother, grandfather, etc) or your child (newborn through adults). He uses a wide array of very gentle manual as well as instrument assisted spinal adjustments to help restore proper function in your body. If you are nervous about

The adjustment on your infant Dr. Chris DC says the same amount of pressure you use to check the ripeness of a peach is the same he uses to adjust infants and babies. He will inform you about everything he does before he does it, and will also fully answer any questions you might have. He will also provide you with the information and resources needed for you to live a healthy, proactive lifestyle. Dr. Chris DC is also proficient in the Webster technique, and has worked with numerous pregnant women who want to enjoy a beautifully empowered pregnancy.
Philosophy of Healing

Dr. Chris DC knows the body was created to be a self healing, self organizing organism, and it is our job to remove the problem inhibiting your nervous system from functioning optimally. In his opinion, the most important things in life are relationships. Health challenges often threaten many relationships, including marriages, because of the financial strain and emotional stress that arises. Dr. Chris DC believes that by working with you, he can impact your life, the life of your family, and the many lives that are in your community. Dr. Chris DC is dedicated to teaching young families how to trust their bodies, and enjoy life to their fullest potential. It is his mission to give every mother in Murrieta the information and resources necessary to experience the safe, natural, and effective benefits of chiropractic.



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