A New Health Paradigm

I was in an office recently and noticed on the desk a pamphlet that read “Cancer Insurance.” I have to admit, I was pretty confused. I thought “was he insuring his cancer? Or that he would get cancer?” As far as I knew, he was relatively healthy. He wasn’t on any medications “except the normal blood pressure, cholesterol, and thyroid ones” he said. He exercised occasionally, ate some veggies and, according to him, felt overall pretty good! Why in the world, I thought, was he afraid that he was going to get cancer if his body seemed to feel good? Then the reality hit me: he was living in a completely different health paradigm than I. He was in the “current” health paradigm that told him health was determined by genes and a little bit of luck. He believed medicine will provide an answer and relief for every symptom. Isn’t it time we think and live differently? Instead of waiting until a problem arises, our lives should be designed to build healthy bodies so you can thrive, rather than just survive.

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