Meet Dr. Chris Boman

Dr. Chris provides pediatric and family chiropractic care in Murrieta, CA. He is dedicated to helping kids and their families overcome a wide array of health challenges and educate his home community on safe, natural ways to stay healthy.  Dr. Chris has seen major improvements in kids diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, torticollis, chronic ear infections, asthma, colic, breech babies, bed wetting, and more.

As a 25 year resident of Murrieta, he looks forward to giving back to the community that gave him so much.

I have gained a wealth of knowledge as well as pain relief and healing.

“Chris Boman’s treatments have made the biggest difference for me! Since I have visited Dr. Boman, I have gained a wealth of knowledge as well as pain relief and healing. His assessments are very in-depth and he communicates clearly about his findings as well as he listens very attentively to my concerns. I really appreciate how thorough his treatments are. In my career I have to be looking down constantly, sitting or bending over. After getting constant treatment from Dr. Bowman I can now enjoy my career so much more without the daily headaches. I would definitely recommend to all ages he knows what he’s doing, he truly cares and his passion shows. Every time I am there in the waiting room I always see people who are so appreciative and happy to have found Dr. Boman”

Wonderful Experience!

“The doctors here have been wonderful to our family. We have seen Chris Boman as a family. My husband has received relief from his back pain. I have received relief from neck lymph congestion which was causing headaches and treatment helped aid my recovery in chemical sensitivity. My children have all benefited and improved in their physical health. One has drastically emotionally healed with chiropractic care and is much less fearful and anxious overall. Chris also helped one with an acute shoulder injury. My son was drastically improved after we left his office. I am so thankful for this great group of people!”


Chiropractic and babies is safe,
effective and fun.


Chiropractic is completely safe for
the mom and baby, and helps
her enjoy a more peaceful pregnancy.


A new health paradigm.



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