Meet Dr. Chris Boman





I love spending time with kids because of their joy and enthusiasm for life.

In an effort to spend as much time as possible with them, I have volunteered as a coach, mentor, teacher, team leader, and now am focused as a chiropractor on taking care of kids of all ages.

My passion is to empower kids to dream big, care for others, and be healthy. This will create a better generation and create a better future for humanity.

I knew from a young age that chiropractic was my calling, and I have been motivated ever since. I finished my undergraduate degree in Health and Human Performance at the lovely University of Montana in 3.5 years, and two weeks after graduation, was studying in chiropractic school.

My introduction to chiropractic was actually through an appointment for my sister at age 5. She had chronic ear infections, asthma, and allergies, and my parents were tired of the medical approach. To them,  the multiple rounds of antibiotics and surgeries (tubes) “seemed to only cover up her symptoms.” They were determined to find someone who knew the true cause, and a friend referred her to a chiropractor.

Within a few visits, my sisters ear infection cleared up and never came back. As  she continued care, her asthma disappeared along with her allergies! Shortly after, I was started care even though I didn’t express any symptoms because my mom wanted to add chiropractic to our proactive lifestyle of regular exercise and a healthy diet.

In my quest to be the best chiropractor possible, my journey as a chiropractic student took me internationally to Australia and on a mission trip to Peru, and locally in volunteering with the homeless ministry and veterans support events.

Because of my high level of activity in the chiropractic community, I have also been invited to speak at numerous seminars from Los Angeles to San Francisco. My mission to be the best is not for pride and stature, but for the sake of thousands of families that I know need me, and rely on me to help their babies, toddlers, teens, and young adults. I look forward to meeting you, and starting a holistic, natural, gentle, and safe path to revitalized and restored health!



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