Backyard Farming and Meat Labeling with Primal Pastures Farmer Paul

Do you have the brown thumb? Well you aren’t alone… There is much more science to farming than just planting a seed and watering it. Do you have backyard chickens or interested in using your space to produce? Then this is the workshop for you!! Farmer Paul and Dr. Chris Boman will be delivering practical and useable information so you can have a successful garden and mini backyard farm as ell as why it is so much healthier to grow your own food.

Farmer Paul will also be talking about Meat Labeling practices and how to choose the best meat for your family. What is organic, grass-fed, natural, hormone free, etc? Labeling is confusing and often misleading, so this aspect will be incredibly important to save you money and help you choose the healthiest food for your family.

Topics include soil health, crop rotaton, chicken farming, and more! This is a FREE workshop, so please bring a friend! Join us Tuesday May 14 @ 6:30pm

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