5 Life Hacks for EASY Healthy Living

As a part of my chiropractic care plans, I routinely make lifestyle recommendations for improving my patient’s health. I try to make these as simple as possible and mimic the things I use at home to maintain my health. Whether it is home exercise, healthy, easy meals, or simple changes to reduce toxic chemical exposure to the body, these five things with dramatically improve your life. (Click the picture for links to buy!)

Foam Roller

As a chiropractor, I commonly see and feel tight muscles. In fact, this is the number 1 reason why people experience pain and discomfort. While exercising is my first go-to, the foam roller is my next. It is a miracle tool for relieving muscle tension in nearly every area of the body. It is a great pre-work out warm-up routine to avoid injury as well as post work-out cool down to work out the lactic acid build up and muscle tension. I also love to use it after a long day at work to prevent spasms, maintain mobility, and most importantly pain relief. Pick up this foam roller and say good bye to muscle aches and pains!

Exercise Ball

The most common reason for low back pain is poor core stability. This is largely due to a sedentary lifestyle and 8+ hours of sitting 5 days a week. A weak core also causes the back muscles to work asymmetrically as they overcompensate and try to stabilize the body. The fitness ball is my favorite tool to help me stabilize my core using 3 basic exercises I also recommend to all of my patients: Tri-planar crunches, ball planks, and a Superman/leg lift. Check out the video here to learn more, and as always consult your doctor before performing exercises. The fitness ball can also be used as chair for home offices. So for core stability, get the fitness ball for pain free exercises suitable for all ages.

Pressure cooker

Giving nutritional advice is definitely easily to give, but implantation can be the tricky and time consuming part. Most families are on the go 24/7 and rely on quick meals they can take home and east on the go. Often times, these foods don’t supply ample nutrients needed for health and healing. A quick fix to this is using a pressure cooker. From meats to vegetables this device can cut your cook time in half or more. Today’s modern take on pressure cookers make it easy to cook grass-fed steaks or roasts, organic sweet potatoes, squash, or any number of veggies in minutes as well as preserving the majority of their nutritional components. Pick up a pressure cooker today to start making easy, nutritional meals for you and your family.


Also along the lines of healthy nutrition, a nutribullet will be your new best friend. Easy purees, smoothies, chopping, and blending a wide assortment of foods is what makes the nutribullet our go to for morning meals. Whether I am making bulletproof coffee, a healthy smoothie, or food for my baby the nutribullet makes life healthier and easier for my family. Get your today and make a smoothie tomorrow! (For advice on the 3 best supplements every family should have, click here!)

Shower water filter

We filter the water we drink, but why not the water we wash in? Most people think the chemicals don’t affect our bodies from the outside, but pollutants such as: Chlorine, Fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), Salts of Arsenic, radium, aluminum, copper, lead, mercury, cadmium, Barium, Hormones, Nitrates, Pesticides can invade our bodies just by coming on contact with water. In fact, shower water might harm us even more regular cold tap water. The book The Autoimmune Epidemic describes exposure to one known carcinogen and nervous system and immune system disruptor TCE: “Exposure from breathing TCE released when shower water converts into shower steam is even higher, say experts, than what we get through drinking tap water or breathing TCE. (Exposure rate is so much higher because you are getting multiple types of exposure at once: direct contact with the water at the same time that you are breathing in vaporized TCE from the shower steam.)” Making a long story short, unless you can get a whole house filter, this cheap filter can save your family from being exposed to known carcinogens, nervous system agitators, and immune system disruptors. (For other healthy living tips, check out 5 things every household should have)

In conclusion, these 5 life hacks will promote longevity, a higher quality of life, as well as add convenience in your daily routine. As a chiropractor, I try to teach my patients how to reach their full health potential. Chiropractic being of number one importance, then lifestyle changes following that. For more on the chiropractic lifestyle, read my e-book here!