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Perspective: Rewire Your Brain For Success and Abundance

Perspective helps students, employees, executives, and stay at homes make a profitable, confident, and strategic transition to the next stage of life whether that be the workforce, entrepreneurship, lifestyle change (city to farm), or retirement.

We explore the deep, meaningful questions of life like your selfless purpose, world changing vision, and selfish why to help you better understand and monetize your motivations, avoid burnout, and be continually energized by your work. I will also teach you how to identify and dispel limiting beliefs, establish core values, leverage the experience of others to fast track your success, set achievable goals, and ask better questions to avoid paying ignorance tax others have already paid for you.

Learn to implement the mindset the most successful people in the world us to make money, build relationships, and live a life with low stress and high reward.

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Living a life of purpose with passion is the most exciting, fulfilling, and energizing lifestyle and I couldn’t imagine living any other way and I am excited for you to live in financial abundance without sacrificing relationships, stop trading time for dollars, and build legacy wealth lasting generations.

-Dr. Chris Boman

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