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Every business should book Dr. Boman. My employees are healthier, happier, and constantly talking about the information they learned. They are also sharing what they learned with their families!

--Full Fifty

Everyone Should Know This Stuff!

This is very eye opening and informative. I was amazed to hear how everything in my body is connected!


My Clients Learned So Much!

We all know we should eat right, but this helps with the "why." I wish we could have gone longer!


Very Informative!

I learned how in credible our bodies are and it now makes sense how each part works together!

Important for My Athletes!

Dr. Chris did a talk about lifting mechanics and spinal hygiene at my box, and I can't wait for him to come back. I can see the changes in how my athletes are lifting, and general awareness of their body. Your members will be thanking you!

Neil, Crossfit Meta

My Mommies Loved It!

As leader of a mommy support group, Dr. Chris helped us understand why healthy food is so important and gave us some great tips for natural healing for our little ones. He is passionate and enthusiastic and we will definitely be having him back!


Workshops Offered:

(Other topics available upon request)

The Gut-Brain Connection Workshop

Are you searching for reduced sick days, a happier staff, and more productivity? There are many simple life changes that can dramatically change the environment of your business presesented this holistic, evidenced based workshop. From raising awareness about true healthy foods, the importance of exercise, and strategies for stress reduction, The Gut-Brain connection truly helps answer many of your health questions. Dr. Boman can tailor this talk from 10 minutes to hour long and from a handful of employees to hundreds and would love to teach your group in your place of work or other meeting place.

Unraveling Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Are you planning a seminar and need an expert in pediatric health and neurodevelopment? Whether you are a teacher, clinician, business owner, or parent, this workshop breaks down the patterns and problems that lie within autism, ADHD, anxiety, and other mental health challenges. You will also leave with strategies to teach others or improve your health, mood, balance, and brain development.. Dr. Boman is a Diplomate in Chiropractic Pediatrics, giving him advanced training in holistic health than the rest of his field. He always promises to passionately deliver the cutting edge, most sought after information to your seminar attendees.

Staying Healthy Despite Your Desk Job

Everybody knows it, sitting is bad for you, but what can you do to counteract it? In this talk, which can include a free a healthy lunch, Dr. Boman covers: healthy ergonomics, nutrition for optimal productivity, sleep, brain optimization, and stress relief strategies Whether you have 2, 20, or 200 employees, Dr. Boman wants to help your business stay healthier, happier, and more productive. Book today!

Who is Dr. Chris?

I have had a passion for chiropractic since I was a kid. I witnessed the miracle first hand when my sister, an avid soccer player, struggled with asthma, ear infections, and allergies, saw a chiropractor and was able to avoid tubes surgery and more antibiotics. She even left her inhaler behind and played soccer to her fullest potential.

In practice, I witness the power of chiropractic care daily, from kids with genetic disorders, brain injuries, pharmaceutical injuries, birth injuries, to chronic conditions such as autoimmune disorders, metabolic challenges, and hormone imbalances. I know my now 2 year old daughter (pictured right) would be a different baby had I not adjusted her 30 minutes after birth. I will never forget the look of relief on my child after releasing the stress in her neck as the result of our OBGYN pulling on her neck. I will never forgot the the tears, hugs, notes, and gifts from hundreds of other parents who got to experience the same thing after getting their baby checked. I will never forget the look of hope coming back in the eyes of people who had been told "There is nothing we can do" or "It is all in your head" when they hear the chiropractic story. This is what drives me to talk to as many people as possible about chiropractic care. My mission is that people would find chiropractic care before having to say " I wish I would have found you sooner." Would you partner with me in that mission, so more families can learn about holistic, drug free healthcare? If you have a business, mommy group, church group, or holistic seminar, I would love the opportunity to spread the word to those families and businesses. Send me an email below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.